Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Greetings from Cody Marshall De'Sersa

Greetings, and thank you for taking a few minutes to read about P.P.R. and some of what's going on with us. My name is Cody Marshall De'Sersa, and I am so honored to be affiliated with this group. It gives me a chance to help other men realize that our creator put us each in uniquie situations and experiences with a purpose. P.P.R. has given me a chance to redeem myself, validate my existence, and repair some of the harm I've done.

It has taken me a while to write my introduction. I 've considered how do I label myself and present myself to you. I am so much more than the labels I could put behind my name. I've been so blessed in so many ways. Yet I've made some terrible choices in my life. The labels I'd like to claim are the ones I've failed at. Father, Husband, son, uncle, brother. And if I tell you how and why Ive failed it would bring back my feelings of helplessness, uselessness, sadness, anger, etc...And eventrually I will discuss my failures, for most people success only comes after some failure. For now I will throw out at you some of the labels I can claim as successes and progression.

I am the current GED Tutor here ath the prison. I've had the job for the past 5 months in April. My boss and i put the largest group of men eligible for testing in front of the GED test. Here at the prison, and amazing, not one man failed not one test. It is personal effort by each of those men..I cannot claim any of their acomplishments as mine. But I did help prepared them. I was active in the every day math and writing tutoring, and I continue to work with and prepare the guys "My guys" to take the GED test and recognize how this accomplishment of a GED while in prison is actual a huge accomplishment. Do you know how hard it is sometimes to do a good thing in a bad place
So as a tutor I feel like I can say I am somewhat effective. My effort has been validated by sending a group of men in front of the GED test and not having anyone not pass. My boss is checking members to see if that has ever  been done.

One of the things I talk to my guys about is their roles as fathers, big brothers, uncles, sons, big cousins, and howwaccomplishing something is viewed by the younger people in our lives. And also how we as men are responsible to and for the people who love us.

I'm not perfect, far from it.. And I still struggle with making the best choice  available. But I am aware of my issues. And one of the messages I push is balance. First is Role and Role Responsibility, and their balance. Aside from the GED, I am the Secretary for the Native American Council of Tribes(NACT) and I have lots of duties(responsibilities) as an executive officer of the group. I am also a team captain-player/coach of a intramural league basketball team. So, I stay busy, cause all the while I am a member of PPR and in that role I am a counselor, big brother, mentor and friend.

Aside from the ways I stay busy as a immate. I have 3 kids in foster care and my heart is hurt.  My mom is losing her battle to cancer. My sisters are lost in misery, my nieces and nephews are suffering, my heart is hurt. I don't even want to bring up my role as a "significant other." Sure I have a sad story, just like anyone elses in here. Yet I choose to have a good attitude. I choose to overcome and perservere. Too many people love me. To many need me to succeed. And even if there weren't the people who want and need me in their lives. My God, my creator put us each here for a purpose again. I am thank ful for the opportunity to share some of my story with you. I am more thanful that you are reading this. There is a plan. Have faith that God does love and need you. I truely believe this..

FInally I want to close for now but I would like to mention that we have become motivated to be a better man in each of my roles. I had to look into my self and I am ashamed of all the wasted oportunities and uncapitalized potential I had. But its never to late, and its no ones fault but my own.  I grew up without a father. I am in the generation  of a large group of fatherless males, who are now fathers.I don't blame that circumstance on any of my choices. I made my own mistakes.And now in quest to become a better man, proud of my ancestry and hopeful for a better tomorrow. I have developed some character building strategies for me like men. And I am sure there are women in similar situations. And it is our responsibility to come together and make our world better.

Some of you may now the story of the man on the beach throwing strafish back into the sea. In not find out about that person throwing the starfish back into the sea, and become one. Every one of us can make a differance. Until the next time.  God Bless!

Cody M. DeSersa