Prayer Requests

We would like anyone who needs prayer to write a request on the comment line.  P.P.R. will share them and liftup the prayer requests to the Lord... 

Jan. 2016

Our Co-Founder Jon Rogness, has been having some health issues since Dec. 2015.. He tore a artery between his neck and brain. This in turn caused him to have 2 small strokes. He was paralyzed for a bit. His blood pressure was high also. He has  experienced severe headaches with this due to the blood leaking into the brain.  He was in the hospital for 5 days. He was returned to the prison with blood thinners, and other medication.  

Feb. 2016

Jon's progress:  His last MRI showed that the tear is almost healed. Praise the Lord.. His headaches are better now, and has returned to work.  He continues on medications until his next MRI.  Prayers from all have been very much appreciated. God has answered our prayers big time.  He has all the feel back in his left side. Praise the Lord! God is great..

We would like to lift up in our prayers Jimbo Andrews and his family. On the loss of his mother, Maggie Andrews. She was part of making PPR a reality.   She has been sick for quite some time. We pray the Jimbo and his family will have peace and comfort in our Lord and Savior. 

June 10, 2013

Please pray for Cody DeSersa and his family.. His mom is in the last stages of cancer and has now stopped treatments.. Pray that the Lord be with them as her life here on earth draws to an end.  And pray that Cody is able to give it all to Jesus and not get anxious in situations. It is so difficult in prison when people are struggling with emotional issues. He isn't able to be with her during her last moments here on earth. God's peace Cody.

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  1. There are days when we all need alittle extra prayer. If you are in need of prayer please post in the comments and we at PPR will be sure to prayer for your request. Thank You.