Monday, November 10, 2014

Just A Little Something To Think About!

I have a buddy here I talk to quite often. He is a good guy and he is usually a fairly cheerful person. But when he starts talking about his case and his prison sentence, he becomes the victim that feels he shouldn't be here and that he got way to much time. And if he were somebody else this never would have happened and on and on.

So, we started talking about what he did when he was on the outside. Then we got on the subject of all the things we both had gotten away with and the danger around those situations. It makes you really think about how both of us were on our way to prison long before we were arrested.

 It brings me back to the snowball effect. Those little decisions that don't seem lie that big of deal at the time always lead to bigger things and soon those things don't seem so bad either. Once we start on any kind of a criminal mindset, we are constantly desensitizing ourselves until nothing matters or scare us anymore. Remember that the next time you are in a situation and you tell yourself, "Its not that big of deal, nobody will even know." That's only the beginning. It never starts out big. Maybe someone cheats their work hours today and ends up facing Tax Fraud charges a few year later from now.
Just something to put some thought into when you tell yourself, "Its not that big of deal, nobody will ever know."


A Quick Thank You!
Thanks Ma
Thanks Ky

I wanted to write a quick thank you to our outside support of P.P.R. They are so much more than support, they are the only reasons why we are able to do this at all. First my Mom, Colleen Rogness. She has always supported me and is constantly reminding me to help others and to give everything up to God. Of course I like to refer to that as nagging. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have always done for me. Without you there would be no P.P.R.
You are the backbone of us. Second I would like to thank my best friend Kylie Hakinson. She thinks that she  doesn't do near enough and that nobody notices her work. So let her know that you see it. Kylie, I have gotten to know you better than anyone and you definitely know me better than anybody else does. I think you know me better then I know myself. And your never afraid to call me on m crap. You are so special to me and you truly are an amazing person. You can't even understand how much you help me everyday. So, to mama and to Kylie I love you both, and I pray that people see how much both of you do, when so many people think you shouldn't. Bot of you are way more than I deserve to have around me. Thank you so much for being there for me everyday. Love you both. Anybody who reads this they should compliment mom and Kylie, they are the ones who do all the work to make sure people see it. So tell them they are doing a good job.
Thanks again.
Jon Rogness
C0-founder- P.P.R.