I Can't Remember

I can't remmeber how it feels to swim in a lake,
 eat a oreo shake or an ice cream cake.
Whats a DVD? I don't know a video tape,
when I was out Chrisopher Reeves wore the superman cape,
It was still cool to bring a broquet to a date,
You couldn't go to the computer to find your mate,
I can't remember how it feels toe at off a plate,
Fly in a plane, and travel from state to state,
What does it feel like not to have to get up and stand and wait,
watch and unedited version of a" Fine line between love and hate",
Be in a place where the meal is never late,
And drink a glass of milk instead of a carton from a crate,
Listen to some bone things when I  become irrate,
What does is feel like HUH?
To have a clean Slate?

Michael Lebeaux


Doing Time

Behind these fences and bars-time cuts deep and leaves it own unique scars.
Time in here plays by its own rules
It tricks the minds of these hardened jester and average fools
The gears in this time peice are made of razor wire and stone
Your doing time with others yet feel alone
Time sinks its teeth into those with little self control
It plays with their mind and eats  at their soul
Its a place where there's no defining line between nights and days, days and dreams
Was that your mind or time with hallowed screams?
Time loves when you get caught in reveries of the missteps thru past courses
It will use that regret to rip you apart, like you were tied between two deuling horses
Its just time playing his devious games
Memories precisely burned with intervaled flames
The only way to outwit time is to live in the here and now, day to day
It won't be easy, fight his  tricks tooth and nail, or however you may.
But no matter how much time you serve behind these walls, please remember
In the end you win, time cannot hold you in his grasp forever.

By: Dustin Devlin

"They Say"

"They" say time plays tricks on a mind, and what it does to a body is Hell-
The riddle in it is, is what it does to a heart only time will tell.
"They" say with time all wounds heal
How sure are we that what "they" say is real?
Time heals all wounds? of this I'm not so sure.
To heal means to make better or cure.
Some wounds slice and stab deep into our hearts
So deep its hard to tell when hurting ends and healing starts
All wounds, if deep enough, elave reminders in scars
These marks help us nevaigate thru pain just as sailors conquered te seas using starts.
I use this map to guide myself thru past hurts and future fears
It won't point me in the right direction or steer me away from tears
I know thru my lfe this map will only get longer
This is why I do believe somethin"They" say
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger

By: Dustin Devin

An Old Angels Cry

All asleep I had a dream that left a tale to tell.
I dreamed I saw an old angel and he wasn't doing too well
His body was bruised and battered, his wings were ripped and torn
I saw he could  barely walk, he was tired and his hope was worn
So I walked over and asked him, "Angel how can this be?"
He tried to smile, gathered his thought, then said these words to me
"Im your guardian angel, quite a task as you can see
You've lived a very wild life, with that you must agree
Your've broken laws and broken hearts and what you see you've done to me
These bruises are from shielding you. I do my best even still
The drugs you've used so dangerously
I often paid the bill
Wings you see are ripped and torn, a noble badge I bear
So many times they've shielded from pents you were unaware
Each mark bears a story of pain and dangers I destroyed
You've made me wish more times than once that I was unemployed
If youly you would embrace life and choose to do so on your own
It would stop your pain and suffering that comes from being alone
I'll  always be here to watch over you until my powers fail
I cannot say when that will be because I'm getting old and frail
I awoke and thought about my dream and how much he seemed to care
I looked around these prison cells and my heart ached in despair
As for life within these wall, I wondered"Why even Try?" 
Then distantly I thought I heard a frail old angel cry

Written by Lissa Ortez

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