Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sept. 16, 2015

You will be missed Maggie

We got some bad news this past week. We lost a very special member of the PPR family. Maggie Andrews past away early Friday morning. Many of you know her as Jimbo's mama.  She had become family to us all.  She was as tough as nails and fought hard to stay alive for many years. She never gave up no matter how bad it got. She absolut4ely loved coming to see Jimbo every chance she got. I will always remember her big smile, her sense of humor, and that she always had a hug for everyone she knew. She always wanted to make everyone smile. Her "never give up no matter what" attitude was an inspiration to so many people. None of us will ever forget her. We are sad that you are gone, but it makes us happy to know that you are no longer in pain. We will celebrate your life and you will always be a part of PPR. We love you Maggie. You will be missed.

Jon Rogness
Co-Founder of PPR

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